Improve the Most-Used Room in the House

Explore bathroom renovations in Reinholds, Reading & Manheim, PA

When you start remodeling your home, you want to begin with a room you use. You might not think much about your bathroom right now, but with the right changes, this room can become a relaxation haven. Eppinette Elite Renovations, LLC performs extensive bathroom renovations in Reinholds and Reading, PA. We can create a completely new floorplan that highlights the beauty of your space. We can remove interior walls - even load-bearing walls - and adjust your electrical and plumbing fixtures.

Are you ready to start your bathroom makeover? Meet with a contractor from Eppinette Elite Renovations in Reinholds, Reading or Manheim, PA today.

Upgrade your bathroom

Are there specific things you want to change about your bathroom? Your bathroom makeover can include changing your:

  • Tile
  • Vanity
  • Sink
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Lighting

If you can imagine it, we can create it. You can add a rain or handheld shower and even multifunction shower valves. Plus, we specialize in creating disability-accessible bathrooms. Learn more about bathroom renovations now by calling 717-490-9081.